Beitman’s Schematics from Dave Schmarder


Members wishing to join the NWVRS Radio Google groups, please contact Pat Kagi at

These members have indicated they are willing to perform radio repairs:

Bruce Bauer - 503-708-4537 - email

Roger Brown - 503-693-6089

Blake Dietz - Full Service Shop - 360-944-7172 - email

Jack Doyle - 503-305-8097

Pat Hickman - 503-887-9015 - email

Mike McCrow - 503-730-4639 email

Jim Myers - 509-525-6264

Tony Ranft - General Repairs - 360-944-8489 - email

Dave Wise - 503-648-0897 - email


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PCC Sylvania offers a 1 credit course on how to use electronic test equipment and soldering tools. This summer the class will be offered on Tuesdays from 9 am to noon. Oregon residents 62 years or older can audit the class tuition-free (class fees still apply).

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