The Northwest Vintage Radio Society holds monthly meetings at the Abernethy Grange Hall in Oregon City at 15745 S Harley Avenue.

Meetings begin at 9:30 am for the purpose of conducting society business, displaying radios and exchanging information.

At 8:30 am, we have a tail gate swap of radios and radio-related equipment. Don’t forget to check out the stuff on the Free Table!

Guest are welcome at all society meetings and functions except board meetings.



June 10

Regular meeting at Abernethy Grange. Dick Howard will be giving a Tech Talk on Early Radio in Portland.

July 8

Speed Feldshaw Memorial Picnic and Swap Meet at Abernethy Grange in Oregon City.

TRASH BASH: Bring you radio parts to give away and take something precious home for free. Leftovers will be recycled at Metro.

August 12

Regular meeting at Abernethy Grange.

2017 Meeting Schedule

Northwest Vintage Radio Society